Thu December 1, 2011
Music Interviews

Steady Diet Of Everything: The Fugazi Live Vault

Originally published on Fri August 31, 2012 12:52 pm

Fugazi's Ian MacKaye is releasing every performance his band ever did, and listeners can name their price.
Mito Habe-Evans NPR

When the iconic American punk band Fugazi started playing back in 1987, it started taping, too.

"Our friend Joey Picuri, who was a local sound man — or a fellow who helped do sound for bands — he recorded the shows," Fugazi frontman Ian MacKaye tells NPR's Guy Raz. "He just gave us tapes of our first show, and he gave us a tape of our second show."

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Thu December 1, 2011
World Cafe

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. On World Cafe

Originally published on Fri December 2, 2011 2:41 pm

Daniel Zott and Joshua Epstein of Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.
Jeff Snow

The Detroit dream-pop duo Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. released its Horse Power EP in July 2010, and followed it with a set of remixes, including one of Junip's "In Every Direction." Easily capturing the sunny warmth of surf pop, the EP takes traditional pop structures and fills them with lush melodies that melt together with upbeat guitar maneuvers and dashes of electronic soundplay.

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Thu December 1, 2011
Tiny Desk Concerts

tUnE-yArDs: Tiny Desk Concert

Mallory Benedict/NPR
  • Audio Only: tUnE-yArDs' Tiny Desk Concert

I've been entranced by tUnE-yArDs for a long time. Bandleader Merrill Garbus makes music about rage and love; it wrestles with cultural inequality while also celebrating the joy of what it feels like to open your mouth and let out a wild sound.

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Wed November 30, 2011
World Cafe

Sense Of Place: Busking For Fame, And A Few Bucks

Originally published on Mon September 10, 2012 11:35 am

A local street band busks in Galway.
WXPN John Bartol

Throughout the week, World Cafe travels to Dublin, Ireland — the first stop in a quarterly series called Sense of Place. We hope to give you an idea of the past and present of the city's local music scene and provide tips from musicians and music lovers for those hoping to visit this culturally rich town.

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Wed November 30, 2011
World Cafe

Dum Dum Girls On World Cafe

Dum Dum Girls' second release, Only in Dreams, is out now.
Lauren Dukoff

In both packaging and sound, Dum Dum Girls is a patchwork of subtle pop-culture references and influences. The group takes its name from Iggy Pop's "Dum Dum Boys," as well as from The Vaselines' album Dum Dum.

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