Sun October 16, 2011
Deceptive Cadence

At 75, Steve Reich Is Still The Center Of Attention

Steve Reich turned 75 this month.

Jay Blakesberg

American composer Steve Reich turned 75 this week. The so-called "minimalist" credits jazz, African drumming and Balinese gamelan for inspiring his signature style. His music, from experimental tape loops to the Pulitzer Prize-winning "Double Sextet," has inspired the generations of composers who followed.

In the early 1960s, when Reich was beginning his composition career, the contemporary classical music scene was dominated by atonal music like the works of Pierre Boulez.

"It fell to my generation to basically say, 'Basta! Enough!' " Reich says.

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Sat October 15, 2011
Music Interviews

The Jayhawks: Just Like Old Times

The Jayhawks. Left to right: Marc Perlman, Karen Grotberg, Mark Olson, Gary Louris, Tim O'Reagan.

Courtesy of the artist

In 1992, the album Hollywood Town Hall launched the career of the Minnesota band The Jayhawks, making it a seminal force in the burgeoning sound known as alt-country. Co-founders Mark Olson and Gary Louris found their harmonies and their songwriting styles fit together like few others, and The Jayhawks toured relentlessly — so much so that it took them three years to follow up that hit album with a new one.

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Sat October 15, 2011
Weekend Listening

What We're Listening To: Ryan Adams, Florence + the Machine & more...


Curious about what the KUNC Music team is listening to when they are not on the air? Be curious no more... New videos from Ryan Adams, Florence + the Machine, and a killer cover/tribute to R.E.M.

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Sat October 15, 2011
Music Interviews

A Grand Musical Thinker, Inviting 'Friendly Experiencers'

Anthony Braxton has just released the recording of his fifth opera, Trillium E.

Michael Weintrob Tri-Centric Foundation

The rap on composer and multi-instrumentalist Anthony Braxton has always been that his music is difficult.

But Braxton himself is far from austere. He's easily approachable, so much so that he uses the term "friendly experiencer" to describe his audience.

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Fri October 14, 2011
The Record

How To Keep It Real When Making New Soul: Three Attempts

Originally published on Thu November 8, 2012 2:23 pm

The Alabama Shakes are one of a small batch of young artists taking a claim within one of pop's primary realms: retro-soul.

Courtesy of the artist.