Sun May 22, 2011
Health and Environment

Colorado Children Thriving Under New Autism Law

Therapist Alli Guzzo is teaching Aiden Robles, 3, how to control himself and speak in sentences.
Robert D. Tonsing/Colorado Public News

It costs about the same amount of money for a year at Harvard as it does to treat an autistic child.  Last summer, a new Colorado law took effect that shifts that high cost from parents to health insurers. Colorado Public News checks in on what it’s meant for one Aurora family.

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Fri May 20, 2011

Vice President Biden Stumps in Colorado

Vice President Joe Biden spoke at the National Renewable Energy Lab in Golden Friday.
Photo by Kirk Siegler

The 2012 presidential campaign season has unofficially begun in Colorado. Vice President Joe Biden headlined the first major Colorado fundraiser for President Barack Obama in the Denver area Friday, where  he also touted federal investments in clean energy research at the National Renewable Energy Lab.

"The one thing that has been missing of late, until President Obama came along, is that science is back in America," Biden said in a speech at NREL.

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Wed May 18, 2011

Watchdog Group Issues Call to Action on High Gas Prices, Criticizing Rep. Gardner

Creative Commons

The watchdog group Taxpayers for Common Sense Action is launching an Internet ad campaign against Republican 4th Congressional District Representative Cory Gardner. At issue is Gardner’s neutral stance on tax subsidies for oil and gas companies.

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Wed May 18, 2011
The Two-Way

'Nice To Live In A Free Country,' Gingrich Says After Getting 'Glittered'

Saying that Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich needs to "feel the rainbow ... stop the hate, stop anti-gay politics!" a protester showered the former House speaker and his wife with glitter Tuesday at a book-signing in Minneapolis.

Gingrich took it in stride, saying "it's nice to live in a free country" as he swept away some of the glitter.

The protester was quickly removed from the room.

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Mon May 16, 2011

Colorado Legislative Redistricting Begins Amid Bi-Partisan Promises

The state legislature may have failed to redraw Colorado's U.S. Congressional districts. But a separate commission now taking its shot at redrawing state legislative house and senate districts says its ground rules are different and thus partisan fights could be minimized. 

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