Tue September 3, 2013

Colorado's Emergency Services Facing An Urban-Rural Divide

Denver Health paramedics treat Tony Davis in an ambulance in Denver Aug. 22, 2013. Paramedics in Denver respond to about 100,000 calls per year. Medical responders in isolated and less populated areas may answer a small fraction of that number.
Joe Mahoney I-News at Rocky Mountain PBS

When you’ve been involved in a serious traffic accident in Colorado, who comes to render aid, how much training and experience they have, and even how long it takes them to arrive will vary drastically, depending on where you are.

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Fri August 23, 2013
Ag Life

State Fairs: A Summer Tradition

The Missouri State Fair has everything from carnival rides to a mule show.
Credit Abbie Fentress Swanson / Harvest Public Media

It’s August. The days are growing shorter, fall is approaching, but summer isn’t done just yet. All over the country folks are flocking to that ultimate summer tradition: the state fair.

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Wed August 21, 2013

A Big Week For Secession Talk In Colorado

A sign-up sheet and bumper stickers clutter a table at a July 31 public meeting on secession in Ault.
Grace Hood KUNC

Off-year elections aren’t known for excitement. But frustrations around everything from gun control legislation to a growing rural-urban divide in Colorado will make for some interesting debate this fall.

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Sun July 28, 2013
Author Interviews

'Rural Life' Adds Natural Color To 'The Grey Lady'

Originally published on Sun July 28, 2013 10:31 am

Verlyn Klinkenborg's essays about life on his farm in upstate New York have run in The New York Times since 1997. With a long family history of farming, his agricultural roots run deep into the soil.

"All of my aunts and uncles farmed; all of my cousins still farm," he says. "The home farm where my dad was raised has been in my family since the early teens, and ... following the track of modern agriculture, has changed its character hugely over time. But it's still in the family."

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Thu July 25, 2013

Weld County Holds First Meeting On 51st State

Most at the meeting favored 51st state idea.
Grace Hood KUNC

About 50 people gathered in Fort Lupton Thursday to weigh in on whether Weld County should band together with several other Colorado counties and form a 51st state.

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