Wed July 11, 2012

Sinkhole Near Leadville Turns Out To Be Century-old Railroad Tunnel

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With the summer travel season well underway in Colorado, US24 north of Leadville is now closed by a little bit of history. A long forgotten and collapsed railroad tunnel finally revealed itself with a sinkhole.

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Tue July 10, 2012

Look At This Enormous Sinkhole Near Leadville

While this photo doesn't do it much justice, the sinkhole is 45ft deep and 20ft by 30ft around.
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The Colorado Department of Transportation is reporting a giant sinkhole that opened up near Leadville on US24. Traffic is now diverting to Highway 91 near the gaping hole in the ground due to concerns it may grow.

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Mon May 21, 2012

Fort Collins Awarded $54.5 Million for Mason St. Corridor Project

Grace Hood

The city of Fort Collins is getting closer to realizing a transportation project that will help reduce commuting times and traffic congestion. The U.S. Department of Transportation granted $54.5 million today to develop a five-mile stretch of the major north/south corridor.

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Mon May 14, 2012


Sat May 12, 2012
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Lack Of Support Puts The Brakes On High-Speed Rail

Originally published on Sun May 13, 2012 10:09 am

California's Legislative Analyst's Office said the latest proposal to build a $68.4 billion high-speed train system is still too vague and the state legislature should not approve funding it for it this year.
Rich Pedroncelli AP

Three years ago, President Obama was rolling out an ambitious vision for high-speed rail in America. "Imagine whisking through towns at speeds over 100 mph," the president said at the time.

Today, there are a few Amtrak trains going that fast, but for the most part, the president's plans for high-speed trains have slowed considerably.

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