Wed April 20, 2011
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Indie Truckers: Keep Big Brother Out Of My Cab

Terry Button is a fifth-generation farmer from upstate New York who also works as a long-distance trucker, hauling hay and produce up and down the East Coast.

He's proud of his truck and likes it just the way it is. Inside, the cab is homey and low-tech, with a bed behind the two seats and a CB radio. There's no cruise control and no GPS telling him where to go.

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Fri January 7, 2011

DOT Tries To Resolve Trucking Dispute With Mexico

The Obama administration is talking to Congress about reopening U.S. highways to cross-border truck traffic from Mexico -- beyond a narrow strip along the border. American unionized truckers object.


Sat December 18, 2010

High Speed Rail For America? Not So Fast

The Obama administration awarded $8 billion in seed money to develop a nationwide, high-speed rail system, but questions remain about whether federal investment in high speed rail is worthwhile. Host Scott Simon talks with Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood about the Obama administration's efforts to create a network of high-speed rail systems across the country.