Thu December 22, 2011

The Music of 2011: Day 4

lucianvenutian Flickr - Creative Commons

Coming home for two bright lights with ties to our own backyard- Driftwood Fire and Chuck Pyle.

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Mon December 19, 2011

Budget Slammed As Soaring Number Of Coloradans Need Medicaid

Tobias, JJ and Tommy Harris help their mom, Clara Harris, by doing dishes before dinner.
Robert D. Tonsing Colorado Public News

Five years of high unemployment have driven another 216,000 Coloradans into such dire straits that they qualify for Medicaid, the government health insurance program for the poor.

That jump – to a total of 608,000 people in major financial trouble – has cost Colorado’s budget an extra $1.4 billion since 2007. The continuing rise in the cost of Medicaid is the main reason the governor proposed cutting school funding again this year.

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Fri December 16, 2011

Weekend Audition: Pink, Green, Violet & Orange

Coldplay - "Mylo Xyloto" released on October 25, 2011
Coldplay Parlophone

How about some "colorful" music in this vivid holiday season? An intoxicating mix with Pink Martini, Michael Torke, and Coldplay...

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Fri December 16, 2011
Whiteboard Video

What is a junk bond?

Junk. Not a nice word. And when it comes to bonds, not a particularly accurate word, either. Junk is something useless, right? Something you want to toss in the trash? Well, “junk” bonds are definitely not useless. In fact they’re extremely useful. Sometimes. Marketplace Money Senior Producer Paddy Hirsch explains what a junk bond really is. 


Thu December 15, 2011

Marketplace: The Business of Olive Oil

Go olive oil tasting with Marketplace host Kai Ryssdal in this video companion to his radio story as heard on Marketplace today.

You can read and hear more with "The Scandalous World Of Olive Oil" at